General Information about Christian Leadership Concepts

Christian Leadership Concepts (CLC) has an expressed desire to come alongside Christian churches of all denominations to assist them in equipping men for effective Christian leadership.

Over the course of twenty years, CLC has impacted hundreds of men's lives and helped them identify their gifts and passions for use in the church and kingdom work. Graduates have become elders, deacons, vestrymen, Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, coaches, mentors, outreach workers for the poor and imprisoned, fundraisers and a host of other leadership roles. Some have even pursued seminary and other forms of full-time ministry.

CLC has no denominational affiliation, but has been pleased to work alongside a wide range of church backgrounds. The curriculum is orthodox in theology, but open-ended in many areas of doctrine. It is our hope that men will learn how to interact with Scripture and from that learning, investigate for themselves what the Word has to say about issues of life and doctrine.
Churches can expect men who complete the CLC curriculum to be more mature in their faith; more connected to the men with whom they share the two-year experience; more prepared for roles of leadership in the church and more purposeful in the use of their spiritual and natural gifts.
CLC is about Equipping Men...Growing Leaders...Within a Church!
We are looking for men who are serious about growing in their faith and convicted about the need to become better equipped as leaders in their homes, churches, communities and marketplace.
If your church has men of this caliber, CLC would like to stand with you and help you mold these men into the leaders they are called to be.
If you are interested in learning more about how CLC might fit in your church or community, contact Danny Parker at 724-321-1748