Mission & Core Values


The Mission of CLC:
  • To equip men to initiate and lead for Christ in their homes, churches, communities and the marketplace
The Core Values of CLC:
  • Jesus is our focus! All is for His glory. We are under His Lordship
  • The Bible is our authority! All we do is an overflow from revealed Truth.
  • Relationships are the foundation of all we do!
  • Long-term discipleship is our calling!
  • The value of the person stands over goals and agendas!
The Vision of CLC:
  • Families led by Godly men
  • Churches filled with trained leaders
  • The marketplace impacted with men setting the pace
  • Men becoming disciples and leaders for Jesus
The Legacy of CLC:
  • Sons and Daughters taking Jesus to the next generation
  • Churches fulfilling the great commission
  • Businesses operating on Biblical principles
  • Opportunity to have an eternal impact
  • The kingdom of God coming in your church, city and the United States of America
For more information contact Danny Parker at [email protected] or 724.321.1748.