8800 Peebles Road
Allison Park, PA 15101
Rev. Dr. Kevin Gourley [email protected] 
“Our CLC groups have been a primary training ground for discipleship for both elders and deacons. When our nominating committee prayerfully nominates candidates for elders/deacons we first look to those who have been through the CLC discipleship training. Some of our groups met for three years to slow the process down as the time goes by so fast and the study is so deep. CLC has been an intentional way to train men for godliness. It has been well worth the effort”! ... In Christ, Rev. Dr. Kevin A. Gourley
8533 Peters Road
Cransberry Township, PA 16068
Dave Elinsky, Elder
"The CLC modules are so well arranged that they quickly foster a bond among men and a common thirsting to strengthen our walk as Christians. The program has encouraged me as a church leader to a spiritual level probably not achievable otherwise. I am constantly growing while at the same time watching my fellow brothers discover the Holy Spirit and develop their relationship with God the Father and one another." ... Mr. David J. Elinsky/Elder
3200 MI Royal Blvd
Glenshaw, PA 15118
Dr. Dirk M. Lesnett, Sr. Pastor
“CLC has impacted the life of our entire congregation. As I asked our session a few months ago what was the growing edge in their faith two of the men replied, ‘CLC is taking me to new places in faith!’ We will begin our fourth and fifth group this spring. Many of the men have said that they wished they had this when they were younger. One of our groups has men ranging in age from their twenties to their eighties! I think that the wives of men involved are the most grateful of all! ... I had a wife of a CLC man approach me this week about starting a women's CLC group.  The difference in lives is contagious. ” ... Dr. Dirk M. Lesnett, Pastor
249 Duff Road
Sewickley, PA 15143
Rev. Bruce Cote, Former Pastor
"I recently finished my men's small group, Christian Leadership Concepts, CLC for short. For two years every Monday morning from 6-8 a.m., I met with eleven other men to grow spiritually closer to God and to one another. After two years together, we had formed a tight bond. We had shared our lives together, ate lunch together, partied together with our spouses, went bowling together, studied Scripture together, read books together and talked a lot together! Our momentum and enthusiasm as a group ebbed and flowed, some weeks it was great, other weeks it was hard work just to be together. But we did it! Over time our walls came down. We opened up. We shared our lives. I now have a group of guys that I can trust and I know will be there for me if I need their help. CLC was good for me and our church! Men, I encourage you to join a CLC group! It's hard work, but it's worth it!" ... Rev. Bruce Cote, Senior Associate Pastor
The Salvation Army
8020 Frankstown Ave
Pittsburg, PA 15208
Captain Jim Jones
"Christian Leadership Concepts is a powerful tool that has made a great impact in the lives of men at the Salvation Army in the inner city of Pittsburgh. Through CLC, God has moved individuals to take their roles as Christian men in there homes, Church and work place seriously. As developed leaders these men have owed up to the walk and talk God has purposed for their lives. CLC have definitely deepened all of our relationship with Christ, family, and community." ... Captain James Jones 
405 Fredeerick Avenue
Sewickley, PA 15143
Bill Henry - Associate Pastor
“CLC has been a tremendous blessing to the men at St. Stephen’s. We have over 100 men who have, or are, going through the CLC experience. We have seen men grow in their personal faith, take on positions of leadership in the church and home, and opened themselves up to God’s best for them. CLC has also been a wonderful venue for men to grow in personal relationships with each other. I love walking around our church on Sunday mornings and seeing groups of men having fellowship and knowing that these are CLC brothers. CLC has been a catalyst for the strengthening and growth of St. Stephen’s Church.” ... Bill Henry, Associate Pastor
2551 Brandt School Road
Wexford, PA 15090
Rev. Mike Hatch, Men's Ministry & Life Group Director [email protected] 
"CLC has been transformational for men’s lives as well as for Orchard Hill Church. In June of 2011 we started our 50th CLC group. That’s close to 600 men within our congregation who have participated in the two year CLC program of Bible study, Scripture memorization, accountability partnerships and Christian leadership training. WOW! CLC has been the vehicle that God has used to raise up an army for the Lord here in our church and community. Men need the opportunity to get together as we did when we were boys playing on a team. We need the male bonding that occurs on the field of life. CLC gives us that opportunity and team camaraderie! CLC has made an immeasurable difference at Orchard Hill Church." ... Mr. Mo Wimbish, Director of Small Group Development
250 East Ohio Street
Pittsburg, PA 15212
Elder, Terry Snider
"The Senior Pastor of Allegheny Christian and Missionary Alliance was impressed with CLC graduates desire to step up to lead and serve in various forms of ministry. As for me, the Director of Men’s Ministry, I have been teaching discipleship for twenty-five years and have never seen a program so effective in growing men into Christ-likeness as CLC." ... Thank You, Terry Snider, Director of Men’s Ministry, Elder